This Thanksgiving, SURJ is offering two ways to help support white folks in having tough conversations with other white folks -- conversations that are necessary if we want to break silence about race in this country:

Thanksgiving Discussion Guide: These conversations are tricky, and often get "in the weeds" fast. We've put together a discussion guide that gives some more substantial talking points for those tough conversations, as well as some questions you can ask to elicit feedback and avoid conversational shut-downs. Click here for the discussion guide!

SURJ Holiday Hotline: When you get stuck during Thanksgiving conversations, SURJ has you covered. Simply text SOS (with no quotation marks!) to 82623, and we’ll send you some key talking points that tend to come up in these tough conversations. If you get *really* stuck, we’ll even hop on the phone with you for a short 1:1 coaching call. It’s vital for white people to break white silence about the danger of Trump’s presidency -- we we’ll make sure you have the tools you need to have those conversations over the holidays!


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