The Word Is Resistance: A Podcast for the Revolution

"The Bible is not the victory handbook of the Empire, but the outcry and deeply human wrestlings of the oppressed."

-- Rev. Anne Dunlap

What do our sacred texts have to teach us about living, surviving, even thriving, in the context of empire, tyranny, violence, repression - the times in which we are living today?  What do they have to teach us, as white folx, about our role in resistance, in showing up, in liberation?  They teach us this:

Our traditions were made for these times. They come from these times. We have resources in our texts, our practices, to help us right now. We can reclaim our stories and re-tell them to nourish our resistance against white supremacy and our work for collective liberation.

Join Rev. Anne Dunlap, UCC pastor and SURJ-Faith coordinator, as we explore the Christian lectionary for tools of resistance, with a weekly call to action that connects sacred texts to sacred moments of resistance. Stay tuned in the coming months for special guests, and a Jewish version of this podcast on the weekly Parshah/Haftarah texts.

(With immense thanks to all our teachers, and to Zahara Zahav for the brilliant name for this series!)

Episode 10: Peter's Betrayal - Shepherd or Thief

Transcript for Episode 10 can be found at this link:

Episode 9: Holy Week - Killing White Jesus

Transcript for Episode 9 can be found at this link:

Episode 8: Palm Sunday - Why Do We Tell This Story?

Transcript for Episode 8 can be found at this link:

Episode 7: Romans and the Wages of Whiteness

Transcript for Episode 7 can be found at this link:

Episode 6: Resisting Anti-Judaism in John

Transcript for Episode 6 can be found at this link:

Episode 5: Ash Wednesday - Give Up Whiteness for Lent

Transcript for Episode 5 can be found at this link:

Episode 4: Transfiguring Sanctuary

Transcript for Episode 4 can be found at this link:

Episode 3: Resisting the Story of Conquest

Transcript for Episode 3 can be found at this link:

As mentioned in this week's episode, here are a few of the links you can use to support work on the ground at Standing Rock:

Episode 2: Accountable Foolishness

Transcript for Episode 2 can be found at this link:

Episode 1: #ReclaimMLK

Transcript for Episode 1 can be found at this link:


Unless otherwise stated, scripture quotations for the Christian podcast are from New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright © 1989 National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved worldwide.

Revised Common Lectionary, Copyright © 1992 Consultation on Common Texts. Used by permission.

"We Are Building Up a New Word," tune public domain, lyrics by Dr. Vincent Harding, used with permission of the Freeney-Harding family.  Sung at NoEnemies movement choir practice, Denver, CO, December 7, 2014.


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