Planning Your Action

SURJ Quick Guide to Planning Your Action

As we’ve heard from the Movement for Black Lives, #BlackLivesMatter chapters across the country, and our national accountability partners, the most important thing we can do right now is to show how outraged we are about anti-Black police brutality. Here’s a short list of steps you can take to plan an action at your local police station or Fraternal Order of Police office.

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SURJ Shows Up for Love, Justice and Dignity

Thousands of people have reached out over the past week to connect with SURJ and find ways to move into action against police violence and for racial justice. Below is a statement from SURJ’s leadership in light of the 136 murders of Black people by police this year and the shooting in Dallas last night.

SURJ condemns loss of life, no matter who is dead. As an organization committed to organizing white people to dismantle a criminal justice system brutalizing communities of color across the nation, SURJ condemns violence against the police and mourns the injuries and deaths of police officers killed in Dallas.

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Six ways white people can help end the War on Black People

With the recent brutal murders of Black people by police officers in Baton Rouge LA, the Twin Cities MN, Washington DC, Asheville NC — and so many other places — it is time for white people to take even more action.  
Here are six concrete ways to move yourself and the white people around into action. 
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Free Jasmine

Thanks to all of you who took action last week prior to Jasmine's sentencing. We wanted to share an update and a way to support her from our friends at Black Lives Matter, Center for Media Justice and Strong Families.

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SURJ Statement on Pulse Shooting

Our Grief is not an Excuse for Racism

We are devastated with grief for the lives lost in the shooting at the Pulse Night Club’s Latin Night. In this moment of tremendous pain, we are outraged at the media fanning the flames of Islamophobia, and the whitewashing of the victims.

The same media outlets and talking heads that are pumping out anti-Muslim sentiment were using that same platform mere weeks ago to promote extreme anti-trans ideology and stereotypes of the queer community as  "bathroom bills" and hate legislation were passing.

We call on the major news networks to join Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) to act against simplistic attacks on Arabs, Muslims,South Asians and other marginalized groups.


When there is a loss in queer communities, we feel it very deeply. SURJ was founded and is led by queer people, with a deep commitment to queer and trans liberation.  LGBTQ lives are precious, and often on the line. Anti queer and trans violence is a frightening reality, and it is most likely to impact queer and trans people of color, including Muslim, immigrant, Black and Latinx LGBTQ people.


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SURJ in action, Love is unstoppable

There is a lot happening in the SURJ network right now. Here's a round-up of resources and calls for activists and leaders. Whether you are new to SURJ or a long time chapter leader, these calls are for you. This post references work led by our partner organization, SURJ and SURJ Action, the political arm.

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Victory in Smoketown

Victory in Smoketown

SURJ organizers contributed to a major Black-led victory this week with the defeat of a proposed above-ground sewer runoff basin in Smoketown, a historically Black, low-income neighborhood in Louisville, Kentucky. Smoketown residents have been fighting the proposed facility, which was designed by the city’s Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) without regard for community input. This victory is the result of strong organizing by the impacted community, with support from Louisville SURJ and others, including Kentuckians for the Commonwealth*.

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Love is Unstoppable: Faith Action Kit

Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)


May 14-15, 2016 Weekend of Action Toolkit 

Compiled by many members of SURJ’s Faith Working Group. Contact Rev. Anne Dunlap if you wish to get involved with the Faith Working Group ( Questions, Feedback, or want support with your action? Contact Rev. Cathy Rion Starr ( / 541-390-7553) 

Join (mostly) white faith communities across the country to show up for deep, fierce and abiding love for our communities and against hate and fear.

Be sure to Register your action:

1) Click here to register your action - So we know you’re planning and can support you

2) Click here to list your action on SURJ’s action page so others can find it. Click “Host an action” and create a login)

Get updates when we add more resources at the Facebook event and on the Love Is Unstoppable webpage.


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Muslim Solidarity Video Script

SURJ Muslim Solidarity Video Script

Created By Denver SURJ

(Each line can be read by a different group member)

Islamaphobia is on the rise.

Mainstream media, politicians, and law enforcement are promoting negative and harmful messages about Islam and Muslim cultures.

There are real and frightening impacts.

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Study and Struggle

Organizing to End the New Jim Crow with author Daniel Hunter

SURJ is excited to partner with author Daniel Hunter, who was commissioned by Michelle Alexander to write a companion booklet to The New Jim Crow. We're inviting SURJ groups to form action working groups, who want to explore taking action through the lens of the groups profiled in this 60-page booklet. Daniel has graciously agreed to appear on three conference calls - one for each chapter of the booklet - to discuss lessons we can take away from campaigns against mass incarceration, and he has agreed to sell & ship books to SURJ chapters at a special rate. Click here to read more about the booklet and to order copies for your SURJ group. Register by clicking on each link below. If you have questions, contact

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