Comprehensive Immigration Reform Toolkit

As White people showing up for racial justice, join us in struggle for human rights and human dignity in the fight for human mobility and just immigration reform. We want dignity, economic justice and just immigration reform for all 11 million undocumented peoples in the U.S.! SURj has compiled action items that come in various shapes and sizes designed for your lifestyles. Pick an action or two or more that make sense to you to do as Congress debates the immigration bill. Read the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Toolkit.

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Immigration Action Toolkit

Immigration is almost always a controversial topic around election time, but in this election it has been called the missing topic. We want to make sure to use this election season to highlight the injustices, the resistance and the vision of where to go from here. SURJ has compiled action items that come in various shapes and sizes designed for different lifestyles! Pick an action or 2 or 4 that fits best for you! Read the Immigration Action Toolkit

Immigration Detention Resource Guide

SURJ has compiled a variety of resources to help you get informed about the issue of immigration detention. Discuss these reports, articles and videos with your White friends, family and organizations. Read the Immigration Detention Resource Guide