Disability and Access Toolkit

SURJ seeks to build a movement that is informed by anti-ableism, access and Disability Justice. We offer the following as an introduction to Disability Justice politics, practice and access, seeking to deepen our political analysis and re-imagine our cultural values within white racial justice organizing. In short, to fundamentally expand our base by building the capacity to engage disability activists with relevancy and respect.  

For additional information or support about the brass tacks of building more accessible, anti-ableist racial justice organising and disability specific outreach feel free to contact Aaron Ambrose and Sebastian Margaret. Reach us at surjdisability@gmail.com and one of us will be in touch! You can also check out our Facebook page here.

We recognize this resource as a collective effort birthed by countless disability activists and community members fighting to insert access, disability, self determination and justice into able bodied spaces. Please share widely and reproduce freely!


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