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Imagine a world in which all people are safe. Imagine a world in which no one’s safety is predicated on increased peril for others.

We are living in times that call for prophetic imagination and a courageous willingness to “practice the world we wish to see,” as adrienne maree brown says in Emergent Strategy. These times also call for honest reflection on the ways we as white folk participate in the perpetuation of racism and can repent, literally to go back and walk a different way.

In that spirit, SURJ-Faith is organizing a campaign that asks faith/spiritual communities to examine our relationship to policing and police violence. This campaign is an act of accountability to people of color who are asking white people to join them in imagining and taking action toward  a world without policing, and is also aligned with the Vision for Black Lives.

​In this campaign, we are asking questions like:

  • How do faith/spiritual communities legitimize and reinforce the “need” for policing?
  • How are faith/spiritual  institutions tied to institutions of policing?
  • How can faith communities act to disrupt the prison and ICE pipelines?
  • What might alternatives to policing look like?
  • What might community safety look like without relying on policing, and how might faith/spiritual communities participate in that work?

If you are interested in joining the campaign and/or would like more information, please let us know here!


  • Deepen our understanding of the history of policing and its connection to the enforcement of white supremacy
  • Reflect honestly on the role faith/spiritual communities play in upholding the system of policing.  
  • Imagine, explore, and engage in alternatives to policing, both internal and community-based, that center accountability to communities of color, collective liberation, and harm reduction strategies.  
  • Publicly extricate our faith/spiritual communities from unjust systems of policing.

Read our FAQs document here.


  • Political Education Resource: We continue to update this resource list that includes articles, videos, books, and other pieces regarding the history and impact of policing as well as alternatives communities are trying out.
  • Countering Anti-Semitism Resource: This list of articles and books is particularly pertinent to Christians and UUs for understanding Christianity's role in the development of Anti-Semitism, how to dismantle Anti-Semitism in biblical interpretation, and how Anti-Semitism also upholds white supremacy. We continue to update this list.
  • Resipisence: A Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy: This book is a project of SURJ-Faith, Movement in Faith, and Seminary of the Street, published in February 2018 for the Christian RCL Year B lectionary texts.  “Resipiscence” is defined as “a change of mind or heart, reformation, a return to a sane, sound, or corrected view or position” (Merriam-Webster). The contributors within these pages are absolutely calling for a change of both mind and heart in the way we love or do not love our neighbor, a reform in oppressive structural institutions, and in light of the national political tone, a resolute call for a return to a corrected view of what and who made, makes, and will make this country great.  Link above is for the PDF.  Spiral-bound print-copy available here; limited print copies.


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