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SURJ is a grassroots movement that relies on grassroots fundraising.

Fundraising is organizing. Asking folks to contribute to our movement is inviting them to participate in our movement. Our grassroots fundraising is built on the legacy of folks like Anne Braden and SNCC, white anti-racists that built fundraising committees, hosted concerts, gave talks and made asks to support the work of the organizations she worked through.  

SURJ memberships support the work of our network: the training and leadership development of our base, running campaigns for racial justice, and regional convenings. Becoming a member of SURJ is one way to help build the powerful base of seven million white people showing up for racial justice we all envision and our world needs. SURJ members enjoy:

  • A well-resourced, kick-ass SURJ doing what we do - organizing tens of thousands of white people for real, meaningful racial justice victories.
  • The chance to be part of building a powerful multi-racial majority to challenge racism in all its forms.
  • The opportunity to show up, shoulder to shoulder with millions of other white people taking collective action for racial justice.
  • Invitations to member-only leadership development opportunities
  • Twice yearly member-only updates
  • Support from SURJ staff to meaningfully participate in campaigns and projects
  • Connections to our extensive network of chapters, affiliates and local leaders (100+ chapters and affiliates and growing!)
  • Opportunities to build deep and lasting connections with other members, through in-person meetings and trainings, meet ups at conferences, and online.

This fall, we are launching our membership program and have set a goal of reaching 150 members by the end of December! We need you to make this happen by making asks of the folks you know in your SURJ chapter. SURJ has developed several materials to support this work.

You can’t effectively ask others to give until you’ve become a member yourself! Click here and join today.

Our support comes from a large grassroots base of individuals and organizations. This is vital as we maintain our political independence, accountability to our community, and grow the resources we need to be a powerful force for racial justice.

Questions? We’re here to support you! You can email our organizing director, Erin, at with questions or to set up a time to talk.

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